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Special offers for Start-up and already registered companies and those who are going to register new company in Georgia and start business operations!

For upcoming businesses:

• Supporting in Public Service Hall (with related documentation);

• Providing Legal Address for company;

• Registering in Revenue Service Department;

• Opening Bank Accounts;

• Providing first time consulting free of charge;

• Providing Accounting Software Program;​


  •  Full Accounting/Bookkeeping service remotely;​


• Providing all above mentioned services based on Power of Attorney, without traveling to Georgia;

For already registered companies:

• Providing first time consulting free of charge;

• Starting Services with minimum monthly service fee! After 3 month reviewing growth of operations within month;

• Providing Customs clearance operations (Separate from Accounting Services);

Full consulting in terms of taxation - Free of Charge!

In the first 3 month accounting  service with minimum monthly fee;

Accounting service fee is calculated based on number of operations and not according to turnover of company!

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