Accounting Outsourcing


  • Accomplishment of accounting service distantly in our office;

  • Checking financial documents in order to be accomplished properly for revenue service;

  • Consultation/accomplishment for primary documents;

  • Showing primary documents in our accounting program;

  • Accomplishment of revenue service declarations, forms and electronic presentation to revenue service;

  • Calculation of payments for clients and informing them;

  • Communication with financial inspections and their representatives; 

  • Protecting of clients rights during financial audits;

  • Providing standard accounting and financial statements;

  • Other accounting services according to Georgian legislation and existing standards;

Consultation About Taxation Services

  • Expertise of contracts within tax terms;

  • Information about changes in revenue services;

  • Consultation about taxation services;

  • Consultations in tax and financial terms – during the past period;