Company Weiss entered the market in 2016. It is the subsidiary company of one of the largest holding - LTD Block Georgia.The Company managed to become the largest Financial Service company in Georgia in shortest time and recruited employees with many years experience in this field. Our company and it’s highly qualified staff are oriented:

  • Assist the existing business sector in Georgia;

  • Assist the existing business sector in Georgia in effective  time management;

  • Assist the existing business sector in Georgia to minimize financial expenses;

The Company Weiss operates in following  directions:

  • Accounting Service;

  • Audit Service;

  • Customs Operations;

  • Business Registration;

  • Legal Service;

  • Call-Center Service;

Our team is oriented to assist different organizations to manage direct tax policy. The most important niche that the company took over is responsibility – with direct meaning of this word. Our contractor companies are protected in terms of tax risks, because mutual cooperation envisages our responsibility to the mistakes we have made.

An organization which uses outsource service and is served by company Weiss is protected 100% from tax risks. That's what makes us different from other financial companies.