Ltd Weiss cooperates with all insurance companies in the Georgian market. With our help, you can get your desired insurance package without any extra expenses. Ltd Weiss Team will help you in the short term to provide the best insurance service offered by a particular insurance company based on your requirements. You save time, energy and money.

Life insurance:

  • Term life insurance;

  • Non-term life insurance;

  • Other forms of life insurance;


Travel Insurance

Accident Insurance:

  • Insurance from accidents;

  • Passengers, driver or crew insurance from accident;

Medical (health) insurance

Land Transport Insurance (Except Railway Transport):

  • Land Transport Insurance (except railway transport):

  • Insurance of land transport vehicles (AutoCASCO);

  • Insurance of other land transport vehicles;


Civil liability insurance related to use of land transport:

  • Compulsory insurance  of civil liability insurance of auto owners;

  • Insurance for civil liability related to use of land transport;

  • Insurance for civil liability of land carrier;


Railway Transport Insurance

Air Transport Insurance

Liability insurance for the use of air transport:

  • Air carrier liability insurance;

  • Other liability insurance related to the use of air transport;

  • Sailing vehicles insurance


Insurance for liability related to the use of sailing vehicles:

  • Marine carrier liability insurance;

  • Other liability insurance related to the use of sailing transport;

Cargo insurance

Property insurance

Insurance from financial losses

Liability insurance:

  • Guarantees of fulfillment of customs liabilities / financial risk insurance policies;

  • Guarantees related to state procurement;

  • Other types of guarantees;

Credit liabilities insurance

Civil Liability Insurance:

  • Professional liability insurance;

  • Employer liability insurance;

  • Other liability insurance;

Legal Expenses Insurance

Business Insurance