Accounting Outsourcing


  • Accomplishment of accounting service distantly in our office;

  • Checking financial documents in order to be accomplished properly for revenue service;

  • Consultation/accomplishment for primary documents;

  • Showing primary documents in our accounting program;

  • Accomplishment of revenue service declarations, forms and electronic presentation to revenue service;

  • Calculation of payments for clients and informing them;

  • Communication with financial inspections and their representatives; 

  • Protecting of clients rights during financial audits;

  • Providing standard accounting and financial statements;

  • Other accounting services according to Georgian legislation and existing standards;

Consultation About Taxation Services

  • Expertise of contracts within tax terms;

  • Information about changes in revenue services;

  • Consultation about taxation services;

  • Consultations in tax and financial terms – during the past period;

Training of Existing Accounting Staff

  • Conducting trainings for customer staff within tax matters;

  • Award certificates to all employees;

Accountants Qualification Test

Tax legislation is quite strict on penalties - so qualification of your accountant is very important. The legislation systematically changes and if the accountant is not constantly evolving, problems are created with tax authorities.

We offer you Test Exam in order to identify how qualified your accountant is. The person you are going to hire or you have already hired will held written test in Tax Code and other Legislative Acts. There will be also accounting tasks and results will be revealed to you officially with the copy of written test.

There will be 5 level test. Each level will have 2 theoretical questions that will have 4 possible answers and 1 practical task. In case of correct answer to each theoretical question, the candidate will receive 2 sub point, and if the practical task is correctly solved - 4 sub point.

4 sub point is equal to 1 point, and 2 sub point is equal to 0, 5 points.

Accountant knowledge will be evaluated by a 10 point system.

Finally you decide if this accountant is appropriate for your business activities.