Special Offer for Startup Companies!
We offer Accounting Services with low Fee and highest quality. 
In order to better plan your future business activities, first time Consulting- free of charge!
We will assist you in the development of your business, in efficient time management and in minimizing your finances!


  • Accounting Outsource;

  • Consultation About Taxation Services;

  • Training of Existing Accountants;

  • Accountants Qualification Test;


  • Financial Audit

  • Tax Audit


  • Service Level - %90 and above;

  • ACHT - 140 seconds and below;

  • ASA - 10 seconds and below;

  • Answer Rate - %90 and above;

  • Abandon Rate - %2 and below;

  • Additional bonus - 5000 free advertising and information SMS within month;


All Type of Insurance